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Summertime in the UK means wasps, with the Common and the German wasp being the main nuisance. Only female wasps have a sting which they can use repeatedly, unlike bees. They can also attack in numbers if disturbed or they feel threatened. We offer safe and convenient solutions to get rid of your wasp problem quickly.

The Common or Social wasp (Vespula vulgaris) and the German wasp (Vespula germanica) look very similar with three main body parts; the head, thorax and the abdomen. Wasps have much less hair on their bodies than bees. Also they are sometimes mistaken for hornets as they are similar in appearance, but wasps are smaller in size.

How to find a Wasp Nest

Be careful when dealing with wasps, as they can attack in numbers if disturbed or feel threatened. If you are experiencing high numbers of wasps in your home or garden it is likely that there is a nest nearby.

When queen wasps come out of hibernation they search for sheltered places with easy access to the outdoors to build their nests - using attics, roof spaces, wall cavities, garden sheds, bird boxes, garages and under the eaves of buildings.

To locate a nest, carefully watch the flight path of returning wasps. This becomes easier later in the summer as numbers increase. If you think there is a wasp nest in your loft or roof, enter carefully as this may be seen as an aggressive threat to the nest and young.

Wasps make their nests from chewed wood pulp and saliva, giving them unmistakable papery walls. A queen will build in the spring, beginning with a nest the size of a walnut. By summertime, a mature nest could have up to 6,000 wasps and be the size of a football. It is best to treat a nest earlier in the year before numbers increase and the wasps become more aggressive.

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