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Mole Control from Pestguard
Removal of moles in Lincolnshire

Moles are a pest due to the damage they do to turf, formal gardens, fairways, greens and sports grounds. Mole hills and ridges spoil lawns, bowling and golf greens and flower beds, while their tunneling damages the roots of young plants and exposes stones and debris that can damage machinery.

Little can be done to prevent moles from entering property and grounds. A mole problem can quickly establish itself and cause significant damage, as they can tunnel up to 4 metres an hour. We have professional BPCA certified and experienced technicians that will tailor solutions to your business needs, to discreetly and effectively control pest moles.

Moles cause deterioration of turfed areas such as golfing greens and fairways, cricket pitches, sports fields and formal lawns which are costly to repair.

Damage to expensive machinery such as mowing machines and harvesting equipment from debris brought up from sub-soil.

Disfiguration of formal lawns and gardens with mole hills, ridges and damaged plants are costly to mend and will deter visitors, potentially leading to a loss of custom.

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Pest Control from Pestguard Contracts Lincolnshire Safe, discreet and effective mole treatments from BPCA certified technicians
Pest Control from Pestguard Contracts Lincolnshire Our technicians are experts in the habits of moles, enabling them to offer tailored solutions and advice.




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